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Advanced PE

HS Advanced Physical Education
Advanced PE is a high school elective course that will eventually be replaced with Sport Education 1.2. This course can be taken in middle school while students are in 8th grade or in high school for students in grades 9-12. 
The foundation of Advanced PE is based off of the Ohio Department of Education Standards and Benchmarks which can be found by following this link, ODE PE Standards and Benchmarks 
This course is designed so that MS and HS Physical Educators can provide an advanced physical education course to their students that increases students skills in some if not all the standards and benchmarks. Attached is an example of an Advanced Physical Education Course designed for Columbus City School students that will advance their student's physical education skills and activity levels.  
This document provides an example of an Advanced PE course syllabus from Gerard IQ Iquina that can be used in your advanced courses.
Use this document as a guide when implementing advanced physical education. Teachers can align their content with all five standards in this document.
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