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Curriculum Resources

Elementary Teacher Digital Resource Binder
K-5 Literacy Block
The Third Grade Reading Guarantee (3GRG) requires that students who are identified as not-on-track receive 90 minutes of reading instruction per day. Our elementary schedule affords all students the opportunity of having up to 120 minutes of literacy instruction per day and up to 60 minutes of intervention.
Literacy Block Look Fors
A balanced literacy framework consists of three blocks: language/word study, reading workshop, and writing workshop. This document provides a list of the components which you will see in each block. The balanced literacy framework utilizes best practices for reading and writing instruction and is seen across all CCS elementary schools with a variety of research-based resources.
ELA Standards Scope and Sequence

The Standards Scope and Sequence should be used as a guide only. Teachers should use professional judgement and assessment data to determine the needs of the individual students in their class. Some students may need additional time on a standard, while others are ready to move forward sooner than the guide suggests. It is the expectation that standards are revisited throughout the year as students are introduced to increasingly complex texts.

Getting Started: Establishing Routines and Procedures
ELA Ohio's Learning Standards Resources
ELA Model Curriculum
Writing Portfolios
Guided Reading Lessons

Guided reading is responsive, differentiated teaching. The power of guided reading is that small groups of students are taught at their instructional level, with book introductions, prompts, and teaching points carefully selected and planned based upon observable reading behaviors. Therefore generic lesson plans cannot be written for guided reading lessons. Each lesson is tailored to specific students. The guided reading lessons below are sample plans intended to demonstrate the types of book introductions, comprehension questions, word work, and writing about reading that might be used with students at a particular level. They are not designed to be used as a script, but rather as an example as you plan lessons for your students.

Example Small Group Lessons for Levels A-Z
5 Essential Components of Reading
The Five Essential Components of Reading are: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension. This document provides a sample of intervention and instruction strategies to support each of these components.
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