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Operations Office
(614) 365-5074
Welcome to the Transportation Services Office of the Columbus Public Schools. Our motto is "moving students further ahead." Approximately 37,000 students receive transportation services from 1,000 dedicated employees, including supervisors and vehicle maintenance staff. Our buses travel across 220 square miles located primarily within the City of Columbus, Ohio.
Operations Office Directory

Steve McElroy – Executive Director, Business and Operations (614) 365-5074
Administrative Office 614-365-5074
Gary Bright – Operations Manager
Ericka White – Secretary II
Harriet Sims – Secretary I
Shawn Moody-Penn – Secretary I, Non-Public School Students/COTA passes
Mary Cockrell – Secretary I, New applicants
Greg McCandless – Routing Supervisor, High Schools
Routing – 614-365-5074
Brad Danielson - Routing Supervisor, Middle/Elementary Schools
Vernon Scriven – Routing Supervisor, Special Education
Kathy Gard – Routing Supervisor, Charter/Non-Public Schools
Training – 614-365-6609
Roger Dempsey – Transportation Training Coordinator
Alan Barnes – Transportation Training Coordinator
Kyle Jones – Radio Dispatcher
Theresa Vanderburg – Radio Dispatcher
Anthony Beatty – Radio Dispatcher
Call Center – 614-365-5074
Minnie Singletary, Supervisor
Micki Cornell, Supervisor
Andrea Brooks, Supervisor
Radford Noble, Supervisor
Kevin Washington, Supervisor
Karen Hale, Secretary
Tania Copeland, Supervisor
Tim Hutchinson, Supervisor
Dawn Smith, Supervisor
Lakisha Meadows, Secretary
Michelle Brooks, Supervisor
Judy Collmar, Supervisor
Bryan Parker, Supervisor
Teresaia McElroy, Secretary
Evelyn Burg Dehl, Supervisor
G Jamal Ford, Supervisor
Deborah Locke, Secretary
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Our Mission: Each student is highly educated, prepared for leadership and service, and empowered for success as a citizen in a global community.
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