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ESL and Gen Ed Staff

Activities for Pre-Functionals in the Gen. Ed. Classroom
  • Make sure you use visuals (pics and vid clips) and model/use body language when you are teaching

  • If you are doing an activity with reading and writing involved, give the student a picture related to the activity to have them label things (word bank - vocabulary) and write sentences using those words (if possible)

  • Have student draw lines from pictures to words or easy sentences

  • Even the lowest students can copy vocabulary, excerpts, etc. and then read it to another student, or have it read to them.

  • Have student draw a picture from a story they heard or about a topic discussed

  • Ask the librarian, ESL teacher, or Special Ed teacher for lower level materials (books, handouts) on subject matter you are teaching

  • A star student who works quickly can help the struggling student

  • Incorporate games for the whole class to practice vocabulary

  • While working on the computer, have students use Read and Write Gold so that they can have things read to them

  • Use Rosetta Stone, lower levels of Plato, Starfall and more

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