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Early Entrance for Kindergarten or 1st Grade

Early Entrance to Kindergarten or 1st Grade Program
Thank you for your interest regarding the evaluation of your child for early entrance to Kindergarten or First Grade for the upcoming school year. The evaluation process adopted by Columbus City Schools is based on local school board policy and the statewide model policy for academic acceleration as put forth by the Ohio Department of Education. If you have any questions about the procedures, please feel free to call or email me, and I will be happy to answer your questions or concerns.
The assessment involves the use of four instruments: the Iowa Acceleration Scale, a brief screener, a full cognitive ability test, and an academic achievement test. The screener, cognitive ability test, and academic achievement test measure a child’s problem solving and thinking skills and prior understanding of academic concepts, respectively. The Iowa Acceleration Scales serves as a tool for understanding the child’s total cognitive, academic, and social/emotional profile in order to make a placement recommendation.
Process for Early Entrance Consideration:
1. The referral is filed with the Gifted & Talented Office. If the child’s birthday falls between October 1 and December 31, the parent may make the referral. If the child’s birthday is after January 1, the referral must come from a district educator, a certified preschool teacher, a physician, or a psychologist. Please submit the completed referral packet with all required signatures.
2. An appointment will be scheduled for evaluation at the end of May. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, please be sure to call our office ahead of time to cancel or reschedule. These appointments are scheduled for the week of June 4. Details regarding time and place will be discussed when the appointment is made.
3. On the day of the full evaluation, the parent will bring the child to the testing site. Please also bring any prior preschool evaluations or examples of the child’s academic work, photo identification, utility bill, child’s birth certificate, and immunization records.
4. The initial testing session begins with a brief intelligence test. Students must score at or above 115 on this test to continue with the process. This minimum score is based on the research and critical item requirements of the Iowa Acceleration Scale. If a student does not score at or above 115, the evaluation will end and the child will not be eligible for early entrance consideration.
5. Students who meet the minimum score on the brief intelligence test will continue with the full cognitive assessment and an achievement test administered by a district school psychologist. This evaluation will be scheduled for later the same week.
6. In addition, the child will be observed during social interaction between assessments while participating in a variety of ageappropriate table activities with a district educator.
7. Mid-June, a placement committee including a gifted coordinator, a principal, a Kindergarten teacher, and parents will meet to discuss the best placement for the child in the upcoming year using the information on the Iowa Acceleration Scale.
Please submit the enclosed referral packet no later than May 11 so we can schedule testing in a timely manner. If you have any questions, please contact my office for more information.
Dr. Colleen S. Boyle
Director, Gifted & Talented
1190 Jefferson Avenue
Columbus, Ohio  43211
Ph. 614-365-6626 
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