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Enrollment Information

Enrollment Information

In order for an athlete to be eligible for the Columbus Schools Special Olympics program, the following guidelines are required:

The athlete is currently enrolled in Columbus Schools or a graduate of Columbus Schools
The athlete must be eight (8) years of age or older.
The athlete is identified as having limitations in both general learning and adaptive skills.
The athlete must complete a Special Olympics Application for Participation (medical release signed by parent/guardian and physician).

Listed are the sports within each season, as well as the minimum age required to train and compete in each sport. Transportation to and from practice is up to the athlete, family and/or guardian. Buses are provided to some of the games and tournaments if held outside the Columbus area. If you would like to receive an athlete enrollment packet, please refer to contact page for needed information.
Bowling:(Team)Sept-Oct 2012Middle school and older
Swim Team:(Try-outs)Sept-Dec 20128 years and older
Basketball Team:(Try-outs)Nov 2012-Mar 2013Middle school and older
Basketball BIST:(Individual Skills)Jan-Mar 20138 years and older
Bowling:(Individual)Feb-June 20138 years and older
Athletics:(Track & Field)Apr-June 20138 years and older
Bocce:Apr-June 2013Middle school and older
Gymnastics:Apr-June 20138 years and older
Powerlifting:Apr-June 201316 years and older
Tennis:Apr-June 20138 years and older
Volleyball:(Try-outs)Apr-June 2013Middle school and older
Softball SIST:(Individual Skills)July-Sept 2013Middle school and older
Softball Team:(Try-outs)July-Sept 2013Middle school and older
Golf:(Unified)July-Sept 2013High school and older
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