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Blank Academic Planner

The Blank Academic Graduation Planner developed under Columbus City Schools Board of Education Policy 5181.1 serves as the reference for accurately monitoring your student's academic progress throughout high school. Below are sample planners showing the different types of diplomas that your student could receive from Columbus City Schools.

Use this planner to meet with your counselor and design a graduation plan that works for you.

Below are sample planners. Use these planners to meet with your counselor to design a graduation plan.
3 Types of Diplomas
Below are sample planners. Use these planners to meet with your counselor to design a graduation plan.

A student must earn 22 credits (indicated by the parenthesis on the Academic Graduation Planner) and meet at least one of the College & Career Readiness requirements.

Awarded to students who meet the requirements set by the state of Ohio. There are three types of Honors Diplomas.

A student must earn at least 24 credits, meet the CCS Diploma of Graduation requirements, and have four (4.0) credits in Science, and three (3) credits in the same word language which replaces the three (3.0) general electives.
*can combine Diploma of Distinction with Diploma of Honors
Students may choose their areas of certification and can have more than one

Awarded to students who meet CCS Diploma of Graduation requirements and earn five or more credits in any one specific area of student- academic or elective.

Awarded to students who meet the CCS Diploma of graduation requirements and have two (2.0) credits in the same World Language
State College & Career Readiness Standards

Below are brief descriptions of items found on the Earning a High School Diploma-class of 2018 and Beyond document.

  • Ohio Graduation Test: State test for students in the class of 2017 only.
  • Ohio's State Tests: Earn at least 18 points on seven end of course exams in English I, English II, Integrated Math I, Integrated Math II, Biology (or Physical Science for class of 2018), American Government, and American History.
  • Industry Credential and Workforce Readiness: Earn a minimum of 12 points by receiving a State Board of Education approved, industry-recognized credential or group of credentials in a single career field and earn 13 on WorkKeys, a work-readiness test.
  • College and Career Readiness Tests: Earn the "remediation free" scores on either the SAT or ACT. See Earning a High School Diploma-class of 2018 and Beyond for more information.
Senior Capstone Project
The CCS Senior Capstone Project is designed to be a meaningful culminating experience that will demonstrate and prepare students for life after high school - in college, the military, the workforce and beyond.  The project should answer the question, "What are my next steps in life and as a graduate of Columbus City Schools how will my aspirations have a positive impact on me, my family and/or my community?" 
Seniors & Grads 2 Be
Students who began ninth grade before July 1, 2014, must meet their course requirements and their current testing requirements, the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) to graduate. Students may also use the newest assessment options to meet graduation requirements.
If you need more information, check in with your School Counselor.

Higher Education Partnerships
Earn college credit while going to high school - click HERE.

I Know I  Can
Still have questions about planning, and paying for college? Check out the I Know I Can website. They offer free workshops and seminars for middle and high school students and their families on preparing and paying for college.

Graduation Information
Planning for Graduation 
Don't wait until your senior year to find out what courses you need to complete in order to graduate from Columbus City schools!
In addition to the CCS course requirements (see details in the right-hand column), you must also meet the Ohio Department of Education guidelines to get your diploma. 
Students in the Class of 2016 and 2017 -  current seniors and juniors - still need to pass the Ohio Graduation Tests (OGTs) in order to graduate Information on those changes can be found on the Graduation Requirements 2014-2017 website.

For the Class of 2018 and beyond, ODE is giving students more options to reach graduation. Instead of spending one week taking basic skills tests, such as the OGTs, students will take a test in a core subject right after they have taken the class.

That’s seven tests spread out over all of high school. While students will need 18 points to get a diploma with this option, with the Options for a High School Diploma, a student’s proficiency in his/her strongest subjects will offset the classes in which they are less proficient.
Check out the Options for a High School Diploma website for more details, or watch this video.

High School Grade Level Promotions
Grade level promotions are determined by the student's total number of credits as well as the number of credits in the required curriculum areas. For a list of required credits, click HERE.

Vocational/Career Education
Looking for an alternative to the traditional high school path? Check out the options available to students in the Vocational/Career Education program:
  • Fulfilling the Internship Graduation Requirement
  • Project Lead the Way Initiative
  • Career Center and Technical Education Information: Ft. Hayes MEC | Columbus Downtown HS
  • The Ohio Career Information System (OCIS)
  • Northland & Eastmoor Academy STEM Biomedical Sciences Pathway
For more details on the Vocational/Career Education path, click HERE.
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