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Columbus City Schools Grant Information
Getting Started
All competitive grants must go through the Columbus City Schools Grants Approval Process prior to applying. 
The Grants Office has developed the Grants Review Committee to review grant applications for accuracy, clarity, grammar, and spelling to ensure that it aligns with the District Goals.
The Grants Review Committee's remaining monthly meeting dates for this school year are:
March 14, 2017
April 11, 2017
May 9, 2017
June 13, 2017 
If you have any questions, contact the Grants Office at 365-5733.
Grant Application
Featured Grant Opportunities
Voya Foundation
Scope: The Voya Foundation provides support for programs working to help create financially resilient youths.
Deadline: Rolling
Funds: Varies by request, but must be a minimum of $2,500.
Eligibility: Nonprofit organizations.
Areas: Funding is available to:
  • Provide innovative and expeiential K-8 STEM learning opportunities to promote an early interest in STEM career fields and improve teachers' capabilities in STEM.
  • Provide financial education curriculum to grade 9-12 students focused on navigating major financial milestones, including student debt, credit, home ownership, financial products and services capability, and family needs.
The foundation also accepts grant proposals from organizations providing STEM training and education opportunities to current or aspiring K-12 teachers.
Email: voyafoundation@voya.com
Web: http://corporate.voya.com/corporate-responsibility/investing-communities/voya-foundation-grants 
National Weather Association
Scope: The National Weather Association requests applications for the Sol Hirsch Education Fund Grants program.
The program provides funds to educators to help improve the education of their students, school, and/or community in the science of meterology.
Deadline: June 1.  Grant application period will open in late February or early March.
Funds: Grants up to $750.
Eligibility: Teachers, program directors, school district supervisors, and other individuals or groups proposing to improve the education of K-12 students in meterology.
Areas: Funds may be used to:
  • Purchase scientific materials and/or equipment for the classroom, school, or community.
  • Begin new school and/or community science outreach and education programs.
  • Enhance and/or expand existing meteorolgy and science education programs.
  • Attend accredited courses, workshops, and/or conferences related to meteorology that will significantly enhance educator's teaching activities.
Contact: National Weather Association, 3100 Monitor Ave., Suite 123, Norman, OK 73072; (405) 701-5167
Web: http://nwas.org/scholarship-grants/nwa-sol-hirsch-education-fund-grants 
Acellus Personal Finance Grant
Through a joint effort between Discover Card and the International Academy of Science, a special grant opportunity is available to help high schools set up a personal finance program.  Through this grant, Discover Card will cover the full cost of getting Acellus, except for the student licenses.  The International Academy of Science has again announced funding for student licenses for all districts qualifying for the Discover program.  Between the two grants, the program is fully funded.
Acellus is a highly tuned, highly refined learning program that enables teachers to match the right student with the right content at the right time.  Acellus is the only blended learning system that utilizes I2 (Intelligent Interaction), which technology enables it to cater the educational content to the individual skill set of each student through customized personal instruction.  The end result is that may students who were struggling and at risk of dropping out are able to fill in the gaps needed for success and, over a short period of time, gain back the confidence needed to succeed in school, the workforce, and life.  
Additional information can be found here:  http://www.science.edu/Acellus/Personal-Finance/
Here is the link to apply:  https://app.pathwaytofinancialsuccess.org/
For direct assistance or inquiries please contact:  Elizabeth Cherry, Acellus State Coordinator, 816-883-3838 
From Failure to Promise K-12 Educators' Grant
Dr. C. Moorer and Associates, Inc. offers grants that support educators in helping their students succeed and go from "Failure to Promise."  Grants are intended for new and innovative programs implementing concepts from Moorer's book in the areas of literacy, mathematics, science and technology.  Applications should be submitted online.
Eligibility:  Public, Private, Charter, Other (including homeschool, 501 (c) (3) organizations).
Focus:  Literacy, PreK-12, Professional Development, Technology, Technology Ed
Content Area(s):  Mathematics, Reading/English/Language Arts, Science
Grade Level(s):  K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
Deadline:  Applications are due July 31, 2017
Contact:  Dr. C. Moorer & Associates, Inc., 145 S. Livernois Rd. #336, Rochester Hills, MI 48307, 866-996-8674
Email:  drcspeaks@fromfailuretopromise.com
National Endowment for the Humanities, Division of Public Programs
Digital Projects for the Public grants support projects that significantly contribute to the public's engagement with the humanities.  Digital platforms such as websites, mobile applications and tours, interactive touch screens and kiosks, games, and virtual environments can reach diverse audiences and bring the humanities to the people.  The program offers three levels of support for digital projects:  grants for discovery projects (early stage planning work), prototyping projects (proof-of-concept development work),  and production projects (end-stage production and distribution work).  While projects can take many forms, shapes, and sizes, requests should be for an exclusively digital project or for a digital component of a larger project.  All projects should demonstrate the potential to attract a broad, general, nonspecialist audience, either online or in person at venues such as museums, libraries, or other cultural institutions.  Applicants may also choose to identify particular communities and groups, including students, to whom a project may have particular appeal.  Applications must be submitted using the grants.gov system.
Eligibility:  Public, Private, Other (including homeschool, 501 (c) (3) organizations)
Focus:  Humanities, Technology
Content Area(s):  Arts, Reading/English/Language Arts, Social Studies/Sciences, World Languages
21st Century Themes and Skills:  Information Literacy 
Grade Level(s):  K-2, 3-5, 9-12, Adult, Higher Ed, 6-8 
Award(s):  Discovery project grants up to $30,000; prototyping project grants up to $100,000; and production project grants up to $400,000 are awarded.
Deadline:  Applications are due June 7, 2017 
Contact:  National Endowment for the Humanities, Division of Public Programs, 400 7th St. SW, Washington, DC 20506, 202-606-8269
Email:  publicpgms@neh.gov
TJX Foundation and the TJX Companies, Inc.
The TJX Foundation has a primary mission of contributing to programs that provide basic-need services to disadvantaged women, children, and families in communities where it does business.  Grants are provided to organizations that focus on basic needs for those in poverty, education and training for at-risk young people, and safety from domestic violence.  Eligible applicants are 501 (c) (3) nonprofits located within 15 miles of a TJX store, center, or office.  Interested applicants must first submit an eligibility questionnaire.  Eligible applicants are then directed to fill out an application form.  Both the application and the eligibility questionnaire must be submitted online.
Eligibility:  Other (including homeschool, 501 (c) (3) organizations) 
Focus:  At Risk, Career and College Readiness, Family/Socal Services, General Education, Underserved Populations
Grade Level(s):  6-8, 9-12, Adult, 3-5, K-2, PreK
Award(s):  Awards vary 
Deadline:  Letters of Inquiry are due November 17, 2017
Contact:  The TJX Foundation, The TJX Companies, Inc., 770 Cochituate Rd., Framingham, MA 01701
Email:  tjx_foundation@tjx.com
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