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National Council of Teachers of English Research Foundation
Scope:  The NCTE Research Foundation annually awards grants to support research projects related to the teaching and learning of language, literacy, and culture.  The foundation seeks proposals that reflect diverse interests, including proposals focusing on underrepresented populations; equity pedagogies; curriculum changes and effects on students; school policies; teaching methods; student interaction and learning; community literacy; homeschool literacy relationships; after-school programs; student literacy practices in and out of school; and other relevant topics.
Eligibility:  Applicants must be currect NCTE members and full-time classroom teachers of children and youth at any level, birth through grade 12.  
Deadline:  Applications are due October 1, 2017
Funds:  Grants up to $3,000 are awarded
Areas:  Reading/English/Language Arts
Email:  researchfoundation@ncte.org (to submit applications and for questions) 
Website:  http://www.ncte.org/research-foundation/grants
Contact:  Linda Walters-Moore, National Council of Teachers of English, 1111 W. Kenyon Road, Urbana, IL 61801-1096, 800-369-6283 ext. 3634
Mary McMullan Grants to Promote Art Education
Scope:  The National Art Education Foundation (NAEF) awards the Mary McMullan Grants to fund projcts that promote art education as an integral partof the curriculum and establish or improve art instruction in elementary and secondary schools, as well as higher education.
Eligibility:  Must be member of National Art Education Association for at least 1 year prior to the date of the application.  Grades K-12 and higher education
Deadline:  Applications are due on October1, 2017
Funds:  Grants up to $2,500 are awarded
Areas:  Arts
Email:  naef@arteducators.org (Kathi R. Levin, Program/Development Officer, with questions)
Website:  https://www.arteducators.org/opportunities/national-art-education-foundation 
Contact:  Mary McMullan Grants, National Arts Education Association, 901 Prince Street, Alexanderia, VA  20191, 703-860-8000 
Honey Bee Grant Program
Scope:  The Whole Kids Foundation strives to increase healthy eating in schools and teach better eating habits.  The Hone Bee Grant Program offers funds to schools to implement a honey beehive educational program.
Eligibility:  K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12
Deadline:  Letters of Intent are accepted September 1 through October 31, 2017
Funds:  Grants of $1,500 are awarded
Areas:  Environmental Literacy, Health Literacy
Email:  info@thebeecause.org; grants @wholekidsfoundation.org
Website:  https://www.wholekidsfoundation.org/schools/honey-bee-grant
Contact:  Whole Kids Foundation, 550 Bowie Street, Austin TX 78703 
Kids Run the Nation Grants
Scope: Road Runners Club of America encourages the sport by assisting youth running programs with Kids Run the Nation grants.  The goal of the program is to have children running regularly, at least once a week for multiple weeks.  Programs may be new or existing, structured for either participation or competition, andmust be open for both boys and girls.
Eligibility:  PreK, K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
Deadline:  Applications are accepted August 1 through October 1, annually
Funds:  Awards range from $500 to $1,000
Areas:  Recreation
Email:  office@rrca.org
Website:  http://www.rrca.org/our-programs-services/programs/kids-run-the-nation/grant-fund
Contact:  Road Runners Club of America, 1501 Lee Hwy. Ste 140, Arlington VA 22209, 703-525-3890 
E2 Energy to Educate Grants
Scope:  Through the E2 Energy to Educate grant program, Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. offers grades 6 through 12 and college students opportunities to problem-solve today's and tomorrow's energy challenges.  Grants fund projects designed to enhance students' understanding of science and technology and to inspire them to think differently about energy.
Eligibility:  6-8, 9-12, Higher Ed
Deadline:  Applications are due October 1, annually
Funds:  Education grants up to $25,000 each are awarded for grades 6 through 12.  Higher education grants up to $50,000 each are awarded for two- and four-year colleges.
Areas:  Science
Email:  Use the online contact form.
Website:  https://www.constellation.com/community/e2-energy-to-educate.html
Contact:  Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. 
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