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Innovation and Reform Proposals

Share Your Innovation and Reform Ideas
Innovation and Reform Idea Proposals
Part of the mission of the Board of Education Innovation and Reform Committee is to develop an ongoing, two-way dialogue between the board and innovative, educational thought leaders and establish on-going systems to receive, review and recommend new plans of action that help students succeed.

This form is your opportunity to share your innovative and reform ideas with the Committee and begin the process of creating change in the District. 

Thank you for your support of the Columbus City Schools.

Please describe your innovation/reform in 500 words or less.
What is your relationship to the District?

What category is a good fit for this innovation/reform?

How would we describe this innovation/reform?

What is the history of this innovation/reform?

If this is an existing best practice, what has been the organization’s experience with the innovation/reform?
What type of results do we anticipate this innovation/reform producing?

What are the strengths of this innovation/reform?
What are the weaknesses of this innovation/reform?
What are the potential barriers that hinder this innovation/reform?
What are the opportunities created by this innovation/reform?
Will the innovation/reform require partnerships to implement?
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