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K-5 Literacy Initiatives

K-5 Literacy Initiatives
The Columbus City Schools District has several programs that focus on increasing reading proficiency for all learners. Some of our programs are:  
Third Grade Reading Portal: The New Third Grade Reading Portal provides teachers resources on the best instructional practices in reading and language arts.
Family Academies: The academies provide parents engaging, effective, and practical strategies and activities to use at home to support literacy.
K-3 Parent Meetings: Third Grade Reading Guarantee (3GRG) Meetings, provide parents information on the 3GRG and materials that can support third grade reading instruction at home.

Extended Literacy Blocks: Our elementary schedule affords students the opportunity of having up to 120 minutes of literacy instruction per day and up to 60 minutes of intervention.

Instructional Coaches: Each elementary school has an instructional coach who provides instructional support to teachers and intervention support to students.

Reading Recovery Teachers: Reading recovery teachers provide one-on-one literacy instruction to the students who score in the lowest 20% on literacy diagnostic assessments.

Literacy Collaborative Trained Coaches: Over 50 coaches were trained in the Literacy Collaborative program in the past two years.

Reading Buddies Program: Over 800 people volunteer to read with students 2 or more times per week for 30 minutes a day.

Leveled Literacy Interventionists: Highly qualified teachers provide reading intervention to our students identified as not-on-track per the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, 1-2 teachers are located at each school based upon need.

Books on Buses: Engaging literature is placed on each of the elementary school buses. This provides additional time for our students to engage in reading before and after school.

Professional Development: Teachers receive monthly training on topics such as Close Reading, Text Evidence, Foundational Skills, Learning Targets, and Differentiated Instruction.

E- Learning Opportunities: Literacy lessons and strategies are delivered from our content-area specialists to be viewed on the Educable channel.

For more information, please contact Sandee Donald, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning at sdonald2887@columbus.k12.oh.us

Read 20 Campaign

Reading 20 minutes each day is vital to developing literacy in young learners. Students who read 20 minutes daily can experience extraordinary benefits. Children who score average on standardized tests improve their vocabulary by 200%. The effect for students scoring in the lower 25th percentile is even more impressive; these students can improve their vocabulary by over 500%. This effect still works for students who achieve in the top 10% of their peers. They increase their vocabulary by nearly 50%. As you can see, reading 20 minutes daily benefits everyone!

Did you know that even adults benefit from reading 20 minutes per day? Adults who read 20 minutes each day will improve their vocabulary, analytical skills, and concentration. It even reduces stress! So, join us in our Read20 Campaign and read 20 minutes everyday!


Scientific Learning Corporation, 2008


Read20 Campaign K-5 Resources
K-5 Reading Department
Charisse Warren Austin
K-5 Reading Coordinator
Division 1
Brenda Krum
Reading Recovery Teacher Leader
Division 1
Pam McCray
K-5 Reading Coordinator
Division 2
Amber Bernal
K-5 Reading Coordinator
Division 2
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