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ODE PE Help Tools

Ohio K-12 Model Curriculum to integrate the ODE PE Assessments into a school's PE curriculum
Use this pacer test chart to determine if the student is in the healthy fitness zone (3) or not (1).
The physical education evaluation is designed for all students who participate in physical education. This includes students who participate in adapted physical education. The evaluation is not a high-stakes or high-security evaluation. Flexibility with the evaluation is allowed for students to participate fully. Adapted evaluations for students are to be conducted in accordance with a student’s IEP or 504 Plan. A support document has been developed to assist educators who work with adapted physical education. Information is provided in ideas of how best to modify an activity in order for a student to participate in the evaluation. In addition, sample vignettes are provided to address each standard.
The data collection system is designed to accommodate a large class roster and all 12 benchmarks. In instances where the data sheets need to be modified, support documents are available to assist.
This above document is here to assist teacher with cutting and pasting their class rosters from Infinite Campus into the Excel Data Spreadsheets.
Cutting and Pasting Instructions

Coping and Pasting from Infinite Campus to the ODE Excel Spreadsheet

1. Have the spreadsheet open and open infinite campus.

2. Click on “Campus Instruction” on the top right.

3. Once in the Campus Instruction click on “Reports (Rosters)”

4. Select which quarter and section you want to display.

5. Click on “Generate Report”.

6. Another popup screen will appear with your class roster.

7. Copy the class roster by placing your curser at the beginning of the first persons name/cell and left click and drag all students/cells

8. Right click on the highlighted names and right click “copy”.

9. Go into the spreadsheet and place your curser into the first student’s blank cell on the first sheet, Standard 1A only.

10. Top left of spreadsheet, Go to the paste down arrow and you will have different options to paste, select “Paste Special” .

11. Another popup screen will appear and select “Text” and “OK”.

12. Names should appear going down the first column .

13. This spreadsheet automatically copies names to all sheets.

14. Repeat for all classes.


· IF you have a student that has a long name you will have to stop the coping at the end of the first line in their name or this person will take up 2 rows in the spreadsheet. After coping the students first line of their name paste this amount and go back to the next student to finish all the names.

· Leave a blank line in between each class

· Save your file as your Schools name, grade level and/or course and year date, e.g., Whetstone_PEII_2-17

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