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Pedometer Activities

All students can be active, but not all students can reach high fitness levels.

The past decade has brought to the forefront research demonstrating that virtually all individuals can benefit from daily moderate to vigorous physical activity. This has tremendous implications for public health and quality of life. With the leading cause of death in the United States being cardiovascular disease, which is highly preventable through healthier lifestyle choices (Corbin, Lindsey, & Welk, 2000), educational programs can play an integral role in the improvement of the health of the nation in the next decade. 

The use of pedometers gives teachers a new path to accountability. Whereas teachers consistently failed in changing the fitness levels of students, they continued to use fitness scores as a mark of their instructional effectiveness. Focusing on the use of pedometers to measure the daily physical activity levels of youth gives physical education teachers a chance to succeed and make a difference. All students can be active, but not all students can reach high fitness levels. The pedometer becomes the measuring stick for how active students are and gives teachers a chance to make significant changes in the lives of their students.
Below are documents that can be implemented from 4th grade through 12 grade classes.
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