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Physical Education Waiver

Updated PE Waiver Policy
Students who have participated in interscholastic athletics, marching band, or cheerleading for at least two (2) full seasons while enrolled in grades 9 through 12 may be excused from the high school physical education requirement. Students electing such an excuse shall complete one-half (1/2) unit of at least sixty (60) hours of instruction in another course of study which is designated by the Board as meeting the high school curriculum requirements.

CLARIFICATION: Ohio law requires JROTC students requesting the PE Waiver to have participated in JROTC for two (2) years. The state’s waiver for marching band was based on the outside-of-class activities associated with marching band programs and will not be granted for marching band practice during the band class that is part of the school day.

NOTES: An approved waiver does not grant the student 0.5 credit; it only excuses the student from physical education. Ohio law does not obligate Columbus City Schools to honor the PE waiver earned in a prior district by a transfer student.
Updated 2017 PE Waiver Application
Click on the above link to access the updated 2017 PE Waiver Application. Students must complete the PE Waiver application and meet the following conditions to be eligible for the physical education waiver: 1. Students must maintain a full schedule (allowing no time for PE) all four years of high school. A full schedule may include courses for credit, scheduled academic support coursework which may not be credit bearing or travel time for dual enrollment/post-secondary coursework. To ensure this, the PE waiver will not be reviewed until the beginning of second semester, junior year. 2. I must have successfully completed two full seasons (between my freshman year and fall of my senior year) of any the eligible activities, or two years of JROTC participation, to be exempt from the PE requirement. 3. Successful participation completion will be determined and certified by the coach, director, or advisor and approved by the Athletic or Band Director. (Ohio statute requires participation “for at least two full seasons.” The season during which a student was “cut” or quit the activity may not be used to meet the two-season requirement.) 4. The waiver provides no actual credit on my high school transcript. I must still earn at least 22 credits for graduation. The completed application and copies of all 9-11 schedules should be sent to Betty Hill, Unified Arts Supervisor, Ft. Hayes
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