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Positive Behavior Management



· Nonverbal Social Reinforcers
o Smile, grin, nod, or wink
o High five, thumbs-up, applause, or pumping fist in the air
o Arm around the shoulder, pat on the back, or hug
o Participant’s photo on a superstar chart
o Participant’s appropriate behavior, skill, or fitness chart posted
o Participant of the week or month posted
· Verbal Social Reinforcers
o Positive General Statements
§ Wow, nice running!
§ Great shot!
§ Excellent pass!
o Positive Specific Statements
§ Penny, terrific throw! You stepped with your opposite foot!
§ Excellent! Squad 5 is the first to be lined up and ready for the first drill
§ Rakoh, thank you for listening and following directions
§ Nicole, way to go-you made 8 out of 10 free throws
§ Red Squad, I appreciate your group taking responsibility to set up the exercise stations
§ Danielle. Thank you for helping James with his forward roll
§ Great. The Celtic squad was able to get the equipment put away, and now there’s time to play Frisbee golf
§ Did everyone on the team see how Sharon helped Charlie roll up the mats? She has been selected as the warm-up leader and choose exercises from the iPad.
· Tangible Reinforcers
o Stickers, decals, or stamps
o Trading cards, pictures, or posters (Sport stars or action heroes)
o Models or puzzles
o Simple, inexpensive games or toys
o Trophies, certificates, or medals
o Reading or coloring books
o Money (PE Bucks)
o Note home to parentso Special T-shirts (e.g., defensive player of the week, hustle award)
· Physical Activity Reinforcers
o Earning use of desired equipment such as juggling scarves, scooter board, or exercise equipment
o Participating in desired activities, games, or sports
· Privileges
o Being a squad or exercise leader or team captain
o Distributing, setting up, or collecting equipment
o Being a peer tutor to another participant
o Demonstrating a skill, activity, game, or sport to the group
o Choosing a favorite activity or partner
o Assisting with activities, grading, taking attendance, or helping with locker-room procedures
o Running an errand
o Using the computer tablet to pick a warm-up activity to lead the class
o Watching a video clip and allowing participants to see how they performed
o Participating in a field trip (e.g., to a sporting event)
o Receiving a visit form a local coach or athlete
o Allowing the most responsible individuals or squads extra time in an activity
Behavior Management Documents
Activities Book for individual student during a walking unit in PE.
Student workbook that is used during physical education class with behavior contracts included.
Sample behavior contract for physical education.
This document link will provide teachers with ideas on a fold-up booklet where students can write in PE behavior contracts during physical education class.
This document link will provide teachers with ideas on a fold-up booklet where students can write in PE behavior contracts during physical education class.
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