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Request a Public Record

Request a Public Record

What is a Public Record?

A public record is defined as a record kept by the school district that contains information on a fixed medium, such as paper or computer files, and that is created, received or sent by the school district, and which documents the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations or other activities of the district. It does not include student records.


Requesting an Individual Student Record/Transcript
In an effort to provide a convenient and more secure service for requesting an individual student record, Columbus City Schools utilizes Scrib Order, an online student record request system.

This system should be utilized for:

  • Requesting a current student’s IEP or ETR
  • Former student requesting transcript or student records
  • Colleges or Universities requesting transcript or student records
  • Corporations, verification companies or government agencies requesting graduation verification or student records
  • Attorneys or legal requests for student records (including Subpoenas, Judicial and Magistrate Orders)

Please use the following link to access our online individual student records request system: 


How to submit Public Record Requests

Anyone may submit a public record request – including non-Ohio residents. You may make your request by phone, in person, or in an email or letter. It is recommended, however, that you put your request in writing to ensure we understand what you are requesting and how we can reach you in the event we have questions or need clarification. Please be as clear and specific about the records that you are requesting as possible.

Public Record Requests should be directed to either the District’s Office of Legal Services or the Communications Director.
Columbus City Schools Columbus City Schools
Office of Legal ServicesOffice of Communications & Media Relations
270 E. State Street  270 E. State Street 
Columbus, Ohio 43215  Columbus, Ohio 43215 
Should you have questions or wish to submit a public record request by phone or email, please call 614-365-5680.


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