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Weather-Related School Closings

General Information
STAY WARM AND INFORMED. The decision to cancel classes on days of inclement weather such as “Snow Days” is a very difficult and serious undertaking. The concern for student and staff safety always serves as the main driver when these decisions are made.

Our schools provide a safe and stable place to learn and many of our students rely on the District for breakfast and lunch. Canceling schools is an exception and we do everything possible to keep schools open. If there is no safety concern in getting to school, we want to make sure that our students are at school.

Stay connected to learn about weather related cancellations as quickly as possible and have back-up plans in place when students get an unexpected day off from school.
In the event that school is canceled due to weather, the District makes every attempt to notify families as soon as possible when decisions are made that might impact your child’s school day.

Parents can help by making sure their contact information is updated with their child’s school, and by downloading the Columbus City Schools Mobile App to receive news about “snow days" and other cancellations.
Families are also encouraged to have an alternative plan for their child’s day already set, taking into consideration the need for: 
  • Adult Supervision: is your child responsible enough to be home alone or do they need someone to stay with? If you can’t take off of work, do you have someone else on standby? 
  • Healthy Food: is there nutritious food available for your child to eat for breakfast and lunch? Are they able to fix it or do they need someone to come home? 
  • Safe Location: if classes are dismissed early, does your child go home or to another location? If your child is under the age of 8, will there be someone to meet them at the bus stop? 
  • Engaging Activities: what safe activities do you have for your child to do if they are at home for an unexpected amount of time? Are they allowed to access the internet when you’re not home? 
To learn more about the District’s school cancellation process visit the following link for a list of Frequently Asked Questions on Weather-Related Cancellations.
Translated Weather-Cancellation Information
For the first time, the District has translated these tips about preparing for Weather-Related Cancellations into six languages (English, Spanish, French, Somali, Nepali, and Arabic). We recognize that in a growing number of our student households, English is not always the primary language spoken. Click below to download the translated flyers.
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