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I’m generally a good kid, honors even. Now that I’ve been previously expelled now, you could argue that I guess. When I found out I was going to O4S I had mixed emotions. Half of me was so angry, no phones, strict dress code, bus rides, no freedom pretty much but in the same time I was very happy and VERY thankful I had the choice of O4S to keep my grades and honors classes.

I think O4S is a really good program. Kids mess up sometimes and I think it’s nice that we get a chance to redeem ourselves. If it weren’t for the program O4S so many kids chances in school would be gone, expulsions aren’t taken lightly especially if you’re trying to get into a good college. Not only that but the program has amazing educators.

The teachers here are great. They give the attention needed by each student, answer all our questions, and help s as much as they can. They set up fun activities for us to do called cooperative learning. They also have a class that’s all about helping the kids change their way of thinking and reacting to help us from getting into more trouble.

There were many parts I liked and disliked about bein gin O4S, but overall it was a good experience. I love the small class atmosphere of O4S, small classes provide more attention to individual students and everyone knows and likes each other. It can be a little too small sometimes though being all in one hallway, same four classes. It can get monotonous at times with a strict routine

O4S was nothing like I expected. I thought it would be terrible and I wouldn’t really like anyone, and I was sure id hate the teachers but that’s not how it went. I ended up having a really good time at O4S. I got to meet many different people from all over Columbus, those of which I always liked, the teachers and staff were great and so was my experience at O4S.


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