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Hello ladies and gentleman. I am 17 years old. Attending __________ high was a good start but I got caught up in the wrong company which led me to get expelled from school. I was kind of depressed when I got kicked out. When my mom went to the hearing, they said I had a second chance but I had to go to the Option for Success program. When I first started Option for Success I hated it and though that it would be the worst weeks of my life. But one week after being here I got to like it. I knew all the teacher and students

Options for Success is for us to get a second chance. My stay at Options for Success was a great thing cause I didn’t missed out on any school work I learned a lot of different things I got all my Subject from my home school Math , English , Science American Government. My stay at Option for Success let me expand my vocabulary and understanding over those topics and the teacher are great with helping you with whatever you don’t understand.

The staff at Option for Success are very great with student and helping them to change to help student they have a session before lunch that they call Get Real. Get Real is a session where we go and talk about ways to change.

When I got expelled from _____ I wasn’t expecting a second chance which I did get and a chance for a great opportunity. I would like to say thank you to the principal of Options For Success. Thank you for giving a me a second chance because second chances come once in a life time. Thank you very much Dr. Bomar for making this possible for me