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November 30th 2016

I am a senior in high school I am writing today to say my goodbye to O4S as I have compelted the program. I started here on October ___, 2016. Now I am here on my last day to talk abou t my experience, When I first found out I was coming to options I was happy I didn’t have to be on expulsion and get all F’s and I was happy to also get what happened off my record.

The O4S program is a great place to go for a person who messed up in school. It is a second chance and an opportunity to better yourself. In this program you learn a lot about being proactive and how to better yourself. Also, you are in smaller classes so it’s easier to learn and get better individualized help compared to a 30 student classroom. On top of that, though, you get to meet different people from different parts of the city and some are good people and some not so much. My favorite thing about this program is the teachers they are all very nice and kind, respectful people who are willing to help as long as you are willing to try.

Next I am going to talk about Get Real sessions. I learned a lot from Get Real in my time here I learned how to be a better student from the 4O-props. It helped me in different situations outside of school since I have attended here I hope to carry that along with me well after today. I also liked how interactive the sessions were with people sharing amongst each other and everyone having a voice unlike most schools. In Get Real we learned about a lot of different topics and talked about many different things like college/careers also how to get more points for Dojo we also we talked about the 7 habits so there were a wide range of things I learned. Finally the most important thing I took out of get real, which I think will help me WAY down the road is that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.