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I was a freshmen at ________ High School and I will be going to _____ High School when I leave O4S. When I found out that I was going to O4S I felt like I was getting a second chance on being in school and not fialing the 9th grade. When I started O4S I was always saying, “I didn’t want to be here” cause I felt like what happen wasn’t my fault. But everything happens for a reason, I’m happy I came here because I worked on how to communicated with others and how to deal with situation rather than going off

I think O4S is a good program I which the teachers and principal give us students a second chance on being in school and not

failing the grade that we are in, the classes here at O4S are much better than be at a regular high school. The students here get along with easily without any drama or he say she say and its only like 6 or 10 students in a class. In a regular high school students are loud, rude and all that other stuff. Here at O4S students are quit and work gets done. In a regular high school I don’t think I would’ve gotten my work done

The one thing I like about O4S is the groups we be have. After Get Real I would do the poetry group cause I love writing poems I guess that’s was my favorite thing at O4S

Basically I want to tell all my teachers thank you for doing your best and that you could to help me every day with my work. My days at O4S are now over. Thanks for the Get Real groups and teaching me how to handle my situations better. Thanks for helping me with a lot of things I didn’t know I had wrong with me until you helped me.