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Social Studies Formative Assessment Resources

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Formative Assessment Module
These resources from Battelle for Kids introduce educators to the foundations of assessment literacy and quality assessment design and focus on the key skills and knowledge to critically design and review assessments.
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Item Banks
Social Studies assessments generally fall into three categories: content, skills, and literacy. Note that these categories often overlap.
Note: While most of these assessment items were not written specifically for Ohio’s Learning Standards, there is some overlap in content that may make selective use of the resources helpful. Check alignment of items carefully and make adaptations as necessary to bring items into alignment with standards.

What students should know
Skills: What students should be able to do
Item Banks
Literacy: What students should be able to do with text
Item Banks
Builder Tools

  • Edcite.com - Create a variety of assessment questions including constructed response and a variety of graphic response questions. Includes some shared pre-loaded items.
  • Problem-Attic.com - Create new assessments using preloaded test questions from various state and national test banks.
  • CiMS - Create tests or keys and print answer sheets to be scanned.
  • Plickers - Free online alternative to students response system clicker sets; provides real time data. Only the teacher needs a smartphone or iPad to use; no student devices required.

Types of

  • Tests - multiple choice, graphic-response, constructed-response, evidence-based items
  • Peformance-Based - thematic essay, document-based essay, research paper, historical investigation paper, editorial, policy white paper, speech, multimedia presentation, public service announcement, website, museum display, marketing campaign
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