• State law(1) provides parents or guardians of students in eligible Columbus City Schools the opportunity to petition for implementation of specific school reforms based on criteria set in law. These implementation guidelines were developed by the Department in consultation with Columbus City Schools.


    The Ohio Department of Education is responsible for calculating the Performance IndexbRankings and determining eligibility for the pilot program.

    This pilot program applies to any school operated by Columbus City Schools that has beennranked in the lowest five percent of all public-school buildings statewide for three or morenconsecutive school years according to the Performance Index Rankings established in state law(2).


    The Ohio Department of Education will provide the list of eligible schools to Columbus City Schools and post the list on the Department website. The Department will present the eligibility list and the implementation guidelines to the Columbus City Schools Board of Education each year after the Department publishes the Ohio Report Cards.

    Per state law, parents or guardians may sign and file a petition with the Columbus City Schools treasurer requesting a specific reform be implemented the following school year provided the petition is certified accordingly. The petition must be signed by parents or guardians of at least fifty percent of the students enrolled in the eligible school, or parents or guardians of at least fifty percent of the total students enrolled in the eligible school and the schools of lower grade levels whose students typically matriculate into that school (a “feeder school”). Enrollment is as reported on the Ohio School Report Card published by the Department that year. Columbus City Schools must provide at least 30 days’ prior written notice to the parents of school eligibility. The petition must be signed and filed with the district treasurer by December 31 of that same year.

    Program Evaluation

    Within six months after the first petition has been resolved, the Department is required by law to annually evaluate the pilot program and submit the evaluation, including recommendations, to the General Assembly. 

    Eligible Schools

    • Columbus Scioto 6-12
    • Beatty Park Elementary School
    • Broadleigh Elementary School
    • Champion Middle School
    • Hilltonia Middle School
    • Johnson Park Middle School
    • Linden STEM Academy (K-6)
    • Livingston Elementary School
    • Moler Elementary School
    • Special Education Center
    • Trevitt Elementary School
    • Windsor STEM Academy (K-6)

    1 - ORC 3302.042

    2 - ORC 3302.21