• February Viking V Ship Winners!





    Denise encourages her classmates as they work toward solutions in Algebra Class. For example, one student took a risk on landing a plane using the correct slope, but her plane went to the right of the runway. There was silence. Denise spoke up and said “ You   were very close. Try again.” The student tried again and was        successful.


    10th - SHUEYB OSMAN

     Shueyb regularly plays an active role in boosting class morale    by writing specific praise for his peers in the chat as we              complete projects and group work. He encourages classmates     when they make mistakes--he even celebrates his classmates    when he loses in academic competitions, too. His humble, can-  do attitude motivates everyone in class to make an effort, which is why I see him as a model citizen at Northland.



     We were talking about the ACT tests this week and Arpana asked if we could do a breakout room because her friend on the phone    from another district was crying and worried about not getting a good score on the ACT and never going to college. Arpana put her friend on speaker phone and we were able to talk. The                   reassurance she was able to offer her will be so meaningful        while she is taking the test!


    12th - ISATU SESAY

     Isatu Sesay genuinely cares! She is the first person to message and ask how I am or about my family. When I was in Texas     recently, she sent me a message after hearing a news story      and asked if I was ok because she was worried. She does the     same for her friends and family. Relationships are important   to Isatu and she does a great job building those relationships.












     I nominate Bryan Russell for Scholarship because he has          REALLY stepped it up this semester. Last semester he struggled with attendance, which impacted his grades. Now, he is           attending regularly, contributing to class discussions, and         completing all of his work.



     Listowell attends every class. He turns his assignments in on    time and he asks questions when he is unsure about                  something. He has shown a determination to scholarship.








    11th - JACOB JONES

     Jacob has persevered in his Credit Advancement Algebra 2          class. He worked independently on challenging content,             reaching out when he had questions or needed support. After    finishing semester 1 of the course successfully, he worked         almost non-stop over a week and a half to complete the             semester 2 portion of the class, which was required for him to graduate. I am very impressed with his focus and dedication to his achievement in this class.


    12th - FREDA ACQUAH

     I would like to nominate Freda because she exceeds                     expectations of the classroom. Her assignments are turned in    on time and go over and beyond what I am asking. She is         helpful to her other classmates and doesn't mind sharing her    screen to show how she may have figured out something. She    is a stellar student and I am happy to have her in my class.






     Junior is responsible and attends scheduled Zoom sessions       everyday. He participates regularly, and his respectful attitude adds value to the class, both academically and social-emotionally. He works collaboratively with others and never gives up, even when struggling with a tough topic. Junior exemplifies     the attributes of a great Viking citizen.



     Fartun is not only an active academic participant in class, but    she also checks in with her classmates to make sure they are   engaged outside of the classroom. On more than one occasion, she has asked to make an announcement about an                      extracurricular opportunity, which helps her classmates           become more involved in the Northland community. What a   model citizen!


    11th - MIKALE MILNER

     Mikale is a beam of light during all the junior meetings. She     offers to turn on her camera just to connect with other juniors and make the meetings more fun. She always asks good           questions that others are too scared to ask. Mikale makes         counseling a lot of fun and I just appreciate all the humor and intelligence she brings to our school. It's kids like Mikale that make me want to work harder at my job so I can serve her and her education.



     During the winter break, Mandy took the initiative to engage in a service project, collecting donations of shoes, coats and food    for unhoused and in crisis individuals. He engaged members of the community, and sought help from friends to meet this civic minded goal, and work towards earning a credential in Student Leadership Excellence. Mandy is currently on track to be the       first Viking Senior to achieve this distinguished credential!





    9th - D’MARI SPIKES

     D'Mari came back from being out of state almost all Q2 and   missing all of his work to being the first done on recent           assignments. Not only has he boosted his grade from               approaching standards to an A between Q2 and Q3, but he is     also willing to guide and share his learning with those who    are behind, demonstrating model leadership!


    10th - RAJANI KAMI

     Rajani demonstrates leadership in each class with her                willingness to participate. On more than one occasion she has    offered a response or question that helped drive the class            forward when her peers were either stuck or hesitant to              respond. Her curiosity encourages her classmates to feel             comfortable asking questions, too!



     Amisha leads by example in her attendance, attitude and        academics. She is one of the first to zoom into class and one   of the last to leave, always with a hello to myself and the         instructional assistant. She also attends the career center to   become a nurse, which is reflective of her compassionate       heart. Amisha is a student that motivates me to become a       better teacher; indeed, a leader and example for all!


    12th - DEEPESH GIRI

     Deepesh is among the most dependable of our Vikings, taking   advantage of opportunity and demonstrating leadership and     courtesy by example. I know if I need a student to help out with a project, I can always ask Deepesh. He's taken ownership of his education through a robust CCP curriculum and is READY for       college!