COVID-19 Recess Activity Guide

  • COVID-19 Recess Instructions

    Columbus City Schools has obtained site licenses for each PK-5/6 buildings for the following downloaded PDF COVID-19 activity cards, Click here for the K-6 Activity Cards without Equipment and Click here for the PK-2nd Grade Activities without Equipment.

    The pack of activities includes physical activities appropriate for any playground and specifically for COVID-19 activities where the use of equipment is not recommended in our schools.  

    This represents a set of 242 station cards or 16 different sets of cards.  The card sets include Brain Breaks, Exercise Cards, Workout Cards, Yoga cards, and Stretching Cards.  All activities are appropriate for the COVID-19 environment as well as after the pandemic passes.  Appropriate for indoors or outdoors alike.

    The file now includes an additional 242 full-size (8.5 x 11″) station cards.

Activity Card Instructions

  • Create Activity zones on the school playground.

    Activity Zones

    1. Create activity zones on the playground.
    2. To maintain suggested social distancing, it is recommended that schools assign each class to a different activity zone each day so that students do not wander around the playground forgetting about social distancing.
    3. These zones can be divided by cones and/or environment features like the grass, playground equipment, fencing, etc…

    K-6 and PK-2 Activity Cards

    1. Provide staff members with access to the activity cards.
    2. Staff members can download the PDF onto their favorite device or print out copies of the activities that they plan to share with students during recess. 
      • It's recommended to print and laminate the cards for the activities.
    3. Select an activity card set per class, e.g., "Workout Cards" on page 66 of the PDF.
    4. Preferably with music so that students can rotate stations when the teacher stops the music and/or the use of a whistle. 
      • Lay the cards out around the playground area in a large circle that's at least 6-12 ft apart.
      • Have the students stand next to the posted cards.
      • At the sound of the whistle and/or music, students will begin exercising.
      • When the music is muted, students should rotate the direction that the teacher directs, i.e., clockwise or counter clockwise.
      • At anytime when the music is muted, the teacher can ask the students to place their hand over their heart to determine if their heart is fast or slow.
    5. This above example can be demonstrated to all recess classes prior to dismissing classes to their zoned off areas.

K-6 Activity Cards

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PK-2nd Grade Activity Cards

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.