• All In Evaluation Protocols 

    Since the district is currently all in for in-person learning, components of OTES 2.0, OSCES, OPES, and LSP evaluations are to be conducted in-person.  This includes conferences, observations, and walkthroughs for all evaluations, regardless of the evaluation cycle, district location, etc.  The only exception to this protocol is for BlendED staff, as indicated below.  If the district’s learning model changes during the school year, the Joint Evaluation Panel will meet to determine the best way to proceed.

    BlendED Provisions:

    a. Virtual walkthroughs and virtual observations can be conducted when the staff member is instructing online and/or participating in virtual professional meetings. On occasion when the staff member is in person with students and/or participating in face to face professional meetings, virtual walkthroughs and observations will not be permitted.

    b. No virtual walkthroughs or observations of recorded material, unless the staff member initiates a request to the evaluator within five school days of the recorded lesson occurring.

    c. While working virtually, if a staff member experiences a technology failure/commandeering of electronic platform which gets included in the evaluation record, it would constitute a procedural error and could be appealed as such.

    These changes to the evaluation protocols are only effective for the 2021-2022 school year for bargaining unit members assigned to the BlendED program.