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    We understand that transitioning to remote learning for two days during that week could be a hardship for some of our families, but as we continue to place an importance on educating and nurturing the whole child, we believe this decision is a necessary step considering the state of our district community. 

    We also want students and families to recognize learning isn’t always limited to classroom assignments, and we encourage everyone to use Wellness Week as an opportunity to explore the world around them, revisit a favorite hobby, or reconnect with someone. While they may seem small, these are examples of the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) happening every day in our schools. Our partners across the city also recognize the importance of extending learning into the community. With their help and support, we’ve teamed up to create several in-person and virtual field trips for families to enjoy during Wellness Week, such as the Columbus Zoo, COSI, Columbus Art Museum, Franklin Park Conservatory, and more!

    *Students will be required to provide evidence of their learning opportunity/activity to their teacher(s) for both days by Monday, December 13th, or they will be marked “Absent” for November 22 - 23.

    Examples of Learning Opportunities & Evidence Examples

    Thank you to our families for your continued support and engagement. We acknowledge that this school year has been difficult, but we hope you can take the time that week to slow down and focus on your loved ones.


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