• CCS teachers, principals, nurses, and staff, we thank you for the tireless efforts you have put forth over the first few months of this school year. Your energy and dedication to serving our students and community have been remarkable, we encourage you to use this Wellness Week to rest up for the journey ahead of us. 

    We understand the transition to asynchronous learning for November 22 and November 23 may have caused teachers to shift or pause some of their classroom plans, and to support extending your classroom into the home, Academic Services has developed a resource guide of learning opportunities and exploration experiences for all grade levels. We realize many teachers may have already elected to create online or take-home assignments to keep students engaged over the break; however, we hope these resources can be helpful. 

    We want students and families to recognize learning isn’t always limited to classroom assignments, and they are encouraged to take advantage of learning experiences we’ve identified across the city thanks to our community partners. These in-person or virtual field trips can also be used as evidence of their learning opportunity/activity to receive attendance credit during Wellness Week. 

    Our goal is that our entire Columbus City School family can enjoy Wellness Week, and use this time to focus on what should always be a top priority - YOUR wellness!

  • Student Attendance During Wellness Week

    During Wellness Week, students will be defaulted to “Present” on Monday, November 22 and Tuesday, November 23. When students return to school, they will be required to provide evidence of their learning opportunity/activity to their teacher(s) by December 13.  Students who do not provide evidence of their learning opportunity/activity will be marked “Absent” for November 22 and/or November 23.