External Monitoring Commmitee

  • The Columbus Board of Education (BOE) is dedicated to a high level of performance and accountability for the quality of its governance and fiduciary responsibility to the community. In order to fulfill this responsibility, the Board formed an external committee of community observers and students to advise the Board on its performance and governance of the District. This external body of observers formed by the Board as a standing committee is called the Board External Monitoring Committee (BEMC).

    BEMC membership is comprised of a BEMC chairman, one BOE member, the BOE ex-officio and up to nine appointed community members. There are some current vacancies on BEMC. The BEMC chairman will conduct an open selection process over the next few weeks to identify and recommend new members for appointment.

    The committee's work will focus on the following areas:


    • Board member attendance
    • Board member preparation for meetings
    • Board member adherence to board policies and/or bylaws
    • Board protocols
    • Board member roles (visioning, fiduciary, policy, educational, governing)
    • Board and administration communication with the public
    • Board communication with staff
    • Adherence to Board goals, mission and vision
    • Ensuring the District’s long-term capacity for excellent governance and performance
    • Board strategic planning
    • Board member orientation
    • Board member training
    • Monitor, debrief and report observations of Board meetings to the Board and public (BEMC members will be required to attend and monitor no less than three board meetings per annual board calendar.)

Meeting Dates