• Alternative Opening Plans/Information

    NOTE: The CEA and the Columbus Board of Education reached a conceptual agreement on August 25, 2022, which the CEA ratified on August 28, 2022. The information contained below and in all sub-tabs on the left is for archival purposes only.

    Students returned to the classroom in-person and full-time on Monday, August 29, 2022.

    Specific HR information for CEA members is also available here.

Academic FAQs

  • Why didn’t the district delay the start of the school year?

  • What can students expect during asynchronous learning?

  • Will learning continue during the strike?

  • How will we be informed about the online learning protocols?

  • If the teachers are on strike, who will provide the online instruction?

  • Are students required to attend school online during a strike?

  • What about services for children with disabilities?

Extracurricular Activities/School Event FAQs

  • What will happen with sports seasons and extra-curricular activities now that CEA has gone on strike?

  • Will schools still host their back-to-school events and open house activities as planned?

Supports for Students and Families FAQs

  • Will meals for students be provided during the strike?

  • How will technology be distributed?

  • What if I need technology support?

  • Will School-Based Health Clinics and services still be open?

  • What about services for English Language Learners?

  • Where can students go during the day to complete online learning if needed?

  • How will we be notified when school is back in person?

Negotiation Process FAQs

  • What is taking place?

  • How long has the Board been negotiating with teachers?

  • Did the Board representatives walk away from negotiations?

  • Aren’t contract negotiations confidential?

  • What did the Board offer in compensation and leave?

  • What about HVAC concerns?

  • Does the offer include smaller class sizes?

  • What about professional development for teachers?

  • What will happen now that there is a strike?

  • What happens to teachers now that there is a strike?

  • How long will a strike last?

  • Why wouldn’t the Board close schools during a teachers’ strike?