Columbus City Schools Event RSVPs

  • We're proud to host amazing events around Columbus all throughout the year. Below you will find an RSVP link for any of our events that require a sign-up.

    Upcoming Virtual Family Engagement Sessions:

    TUESDAY, May 17: "Free Fun Summer Reading Resources for All"
    - Grab a book and free prizes to enjoy your summer reading. As the school year winds down, we want to help parents gear up children of all ages for a summer of fun with books and reading resources. Learn how they can join forces with the Reading League and earn great gifts along the way. During our Tuesday Virtual Family Engagement Session, our district’s reading experts will talk about more free books coming home with students as part of the Columbus City Schools free at-home learning libraries. We’ll also hear from our partners at Future Ready and the Columbus Metropolitan Library. The Summer Reading Challenge gets underway June 1.


    THURSDAY, May 19: "Parents Against Vaping E-Cigarettes" - Over the past year, youth vaping has been as big an issue as ever, especially given the growing concerns around the mental health for our teens. Behind the bright colors and sweet flavors of e-cigarettes are harmful chemicals and nicotine addiction. Join Columbus City Schools as our new partners at PAVe (Parents Against Vaping e-cigarettes) for our Thursday Virtual Family Engagement Session, when they share everything parents, teachers, and staff need to know about vaping and how to help kids avoid or quit using dangerous flavored e-cigarettes. That includes the latest devices and products like synthetic nicotine vapes, how to recognize the signs, and how to talk with your child.


    Our sessions are recorded and posted in our Virtual Family Engagement Session Library in case you are unable to attend. 

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