ODE PE Data Sheets

  • ODE Data Sheets
    Click on the this link and you will be taken to the Ohio Department of Education Physical Education Evaluation website.

    Along with the instrument, data collection sheets have been developed to use with the evaluation. Every effort should be made to include all students in the data collection. However, if a student is unable to complete a task due to an injury or medical advisement for example, the data box will be left blank. The mathematical calculations will adjust accordingly. For local purposes, a statement as to why the reporting box is left blank maybe helpful for local records.

    The data collection system is designed to accommodate a large class roster and all benchmarks. In instances where the data sheets need to be modified, support documents are available to assist.

    If purchasing an electronic device for data collection purposes, a netbook or laptop with Microsoft Office is best for collecting and processing data. For individuals using a tablet to collect data or if you need assistance with uploading the excel data collection sheets with your rosters in infinite campus, contact:

    Don Cain