Wellness Initiative

Recreation and Learning

  • parks and trails


    Practicing social distancing doesn’t mean staying inside! Make time to walk outside and breathe in some fresh air, avoid playgrounds to stop community spread, and stay active by riding bikes or walking on trails!

    The City of Columbus has compiled a list of links to recreation (and other) resources now available at www.columbus.gov/covid19resources/recreation/.

  • Walking is a great way to improve your health and well-being. Check out the following resources to learn how you can have fun walking in Columbus.

    Green Walks

    Interested in learning about natural sites and environmental sustainability? Green Walks are for you!

    Art Walks

    Columbus Art Walks are self-guided walking maps that highlight art, architecture and historical sites in thirteen neighborhoods around Columbus

    Neighborhood Walking Clubs

    Find a list of neighborhood walking clubs to join and stay active with your community