• School Hours

    Breakfast begins at 8:30 am. The tardy bell rings at 9:00 am. Dismissal begins at 3:25 pm. Parents may escort students into the building on the first few days of school. However, after Labor Day, staff members will be available to help students get to class and parents will escort their children to the front door. We thank you for making this change with us, as safety is our first priority, and knowing exactly who is in our building is the first step in our safety plan. 

    Visiting Ohio Avenue

    Each visit to the school must happen between 9:00 am and 2:45 pm and requires the guest to sign in with Lobby Guard in the front office and receive a sticker that should be worn and visible during the visit. Lobby Guard is a system that scans a driver’s license for sexual offenses and associated warrants. If you need to speak with your child’s teacher, leave a message in the front office or make an appointment in advance. Staff members should return calls within 24 hours. We cannot have visitors before 9:00 am and after 2:45 pm because those are our busiest time when children are arriving and preparing to leave school. 

    Toys and Phones

    Toys should not be brought to school unless given special permission by a teacher. Small, non-distracting “fidgets” that help children focus are allowed. According to the Columbus City Schools’ Electronic Devices Policy, cell phones must be powered off during the school day and should remain out of sight until students are off school grounds. For safety, we know that our students may need cell phones; but please remind them they should turn them off before coming to school and they should remain put away until after they leave. Under no circumstances should students take or send photos or videos of other students and staff members. 

    Arrival and Dismissal

    Clear dismissal procedures allow us to keep all children safe as they leave the building. Please be mindful of all students at dismissal. Please have clear communication with your child’s teacher and your child about how they are getting home. In the unlikely event that you need to make changes to your child’s dismissal method, contact the school office by calling (614) 365-3160 prior to 2:45 pm. Please do not email dismissal changes since email might not be checked in time. If we have not received a call or note before 2:45 pm, we cannot change dismissal routines and your child will go home in his or her usual manner.

    Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up

    There is one designated area for students to be dropped off and picked up. That area is the car loop and the red doors at the west end of the building (by the playground climbing equipment). We have worked with CCS Safety and Security to organize traffic patterns with student safety as a first priority. Please be aware that car rider dismissal may take longer than usual the first two weeks of school. We ask that you remain patient and we will get your child to you as soon as possible. School begins dismissal at 3:25 pm and students are generally picked up and the car line is gone in several minutes. 

    If picking up your child on foot, please form a line outside the doors. We will ask your child's name and release him or her in the order you are in line. If picking up your child in a car, please remain in your car in the pick-up loop, tell the staff member your child's name, and we will call them out to you.

    We complete our entire dismissal process in about six minutes. That is a small amount of time to be sure all students get out of school and to their families safely. 

    Early Sign-Outs

    Signing a student out early disrupts classroom instruction and student learning. Furthermore, the last 45 minutes of each day are perhaps the busiest time throughout the entire school. In the classroom, students are getting last minute directions, going over homework, and wrapping up the day. The school office is also exceptionally busy at this time as well, preparing for dismissal. In order to provide you with the best customer service, please call the office prior to 2:45 pm. If you must pick your child up early, please do so before 2:45 pm. Also, remember that attendance is recorded minute-by-minute. A series of early dismissals and late arrivals will quickly add up to days of absences. Our office is closed at 3:00 pm so that we prepare for dismissal. If picking up your child after that time, please meet him or her at the dismissal area by the playground (see the "Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up" section above). 

    School Schedule

    The school’s daily schedule will be sent home the first week of school. It is very important for students to arrive on time for school each day so that they can take advantage of breakfast and learning opportunities. There is no supervision prior to 8:30 am, so students should not arrive earlier. Doors open at 8:30 am sharp.


    Your child’s bus stop, route number, and pick-up and arrival times will be mailed to you by the CCS Department of Transportation. If the information mailed to you is incorrect, call them immediately at (614) 365-5074. Due to unforeseen circumstances, buses may run late especially at the beginning of the year. Please be patient and remain at the bus stop. As a reminder, all students in Pre-K through 2nd grade must be met at the bus stop by a parent or responsible caretaker.  


    Ohio Revised Code requires that all students must meet school district immunization requirements in order to attend school. Students who do not meet school district requirements for school immunizations will be excluded from school. At Ohio Avenue, we have a Nationwide Children’s Hospital clinic one day per week. If you need immunizations for your child, you may make an appointment with them by calling (800) 881-7385.


    Your child’s safety is our number one priority. Please remember that you must bring a picture ID each time you wish to pick up your child during school hours and only those individuals listed on your child’s emergency card may pick up your child. These individuals must provide picture ID as well. Ohio Avenue also has a Food and Allergy policy that indicates students cannot bring treats or other food items for distribution. 

    Breakfast and Lunch

    Both meals are free for all CCS students. It is against the law for schools to provide these free meals to parents, siblings who are not enrolled at Ohio Avenue, and staff members. Breakfast runs from 8:30-9:00 AM and lunch times begin at 11:45 and end at 1:15.


    Please note that school personnel are not permitted to give any type of medicine or apply topical creams and lotions without medical authorization from a doctor or hospital. This includes cough drops, sunscreen, etc. There are forms available for physicians to complete in the event your child needs to take medicine during the school day. If your child should be taking medication on the first day of school, please call the school office prior to school beginning so you can get the appropriate paperwork. 


    Please note that due to possible food allergies and also in order to maximize learning time, Ohio Avenue does not permit classroom birthday celebrations or birthday deliveries (e.g. balloons, flowers, etc.) to students. Ohio Avenue recognizes birthdays by announcing them on the intercom and giving the child a birthday surprise in order to honor them on their special day! Thank you for your support regarding this.

    Food Policy

    Students and parents may not bring in food items (even store purchased) to share with others. Teachers may only provide foods to students if parents have completed a food allergy release form (sent home at the beginning of the year).


    If your child will be absent from school, the parent/caregiver should call the school to report the absence each day. A note or phone call from the parent/guardian must be received within one week of the student’s return. When students are tardy, they must come with a note when they arrive to school stating the reason they are tardy. If a student leaves school early, we also need a note to document the reason. A maximum of 9 absences may be excused with parental notification. Additional absences will require additional information.