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    College Readiness: Your Options... Your Choice
    Columbus City Schools is committed to providing a variety of high-level academic programs and partnerships for our students, both, in a high-school setting as well as on college campuses.

    1st Step: Review

    Students should...
    1. Review each of the options (below) to learn more about them and decide which is best for you!
    2. Meet with your High School Guidance Counselor

    College Credit Plus (CCP)                                                                                                                                                         College Credit Plus is a dual enrollment program that allows all college-ready students in grades 7-12 who qualify to begin earning college credit hours before graduating from high school. Students will be dual enrolled in both their high school and higher education institution and can earn both high school and college credit simultaneously.  Taking a college course from a public college or university is free (which means there is no cost to the family for tuition, books or fees) and CCP courses can be taken at your high school, on a college/university campus or online. Your school counselor can help you understand your options, deadlines, and how to proceed.
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    Junior JumpStart (JJS)
    Junior JumpStart (JJS) is a dual enrollment program for juniors that enables students to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. Participating juniors will spend a portion of their day at their high school and a portion of their day at Columbus State Community College completing their high school requirements and earning approximately 9 semester hours. Students must apply and be accepted into the program as 10th-graders.
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    Seniors to Sophomores (S2S)
    Seniors-to-Sophomores (S2S) is a highly selective, dual enrollment program for seniors that enables them to earn a year worth of high school and college credit simultaneously at no cost to the student. The program will allow students to be challenged academically, gain valuable life skills and enter college as a sophomore. Student participants are chosen through a selection process after applying and meeting the program’s eligibility requirements. CCS has students enrolled in Seniors to Sophomores with the following partners: Capital University, Columbus State Community College, The Ohio State University and Otterbein University. 

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    Africentric K-12 Early College
    Offered at Columbus Africentric Early College (CAEC) in cooperation with Columbus State Community College (CSCC) students in grades 7-12 can take Columbus State classes and earn both high school credit to satisfy graduation requirements, and college credit that will be on their Columbus State transcript. All students attending CAEC are expected to participate in Early College. Students begin Early College during their 9th grade year and some students can begin as early as 7th grade. Students who successfully complete the Early College track will earn an Associates of Science or Associate of Arts degree. Early College students receive additional counseling support from a Columbus State counselor in addition to Columbus City Schools (CCS) counselors. Early College is a High Expectation program that requires commitment and dedication from students and their families. CAEC is committed to providing high support to students in their early college experience through workshops, guidance counseling and on-going feedback sessions with students and families.
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    Columbus Teaching Academy (CTA)
    CTA is especially designed for students districtwide considering a career in education.
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    I Know I Can                                                                                                                                                                                        I Know I Can (IKIC) is Columbus City Schools’ college access organization. I Know I Can inspires students to make college a part of their future by providing them with tools, resources, and knowledge about the benefits of post-secondary education. IKIC has staff members in every CCS middle school and high school. IKIC also works with CCS graduates on 17 Ohio college campuses. In addition, IKIC provides a grant and scholarships for students. To find out more information, please visit their website at .


    2nd Step: Meet

    Students should...
    1. Review each of the options (above) to learn more about them and decide which is best for you!
    2. Meet with your High School Guidance Counselor

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