Digital Learning Resources


    EVERFI has partnered with Columbus City Schools to provide no-cost digital learning resources for CCS teachers to use with their students. These resources have been paid for by sponsor partners so that you are able to use them at absolutely no cost to you!

    These resources are fully web-based and student-led. Students go through the online lessons at their own pace and teachers can have them use as much or as little of the lessons and they choose. Each program has pre and post-assessments for teachers to track student progress, as well as optional supplemental offline lesson plans for learning extension.

     To get set up, go to or contact our local Schools Manager, Michelle Fugate, if you would like assistance or have any questions about the material.

     Michelle Fugate -  - (614) 596-9324


Prescription Drug Safety Information

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Health & Wellness Program Offerings

  • Prescription Drug Safety (grades 8-12): Prescription Drug Safety is a short hour-long course that helps students make healthy decisions around prescription drugs, learn the science behind addiction, reading prescription labels, as well as important refusal skills and strategies to support a friend that may be struggling.

    Mental Wellness Basics (grades 8-12): Mental Wellness Basics is a resource to help introduce concepts related to mental health and wellness, like self-management, coping skills, and advocacy.

    Character Playbook (grades 7-12): Character Playbook gives students practical applications for developing social and emotional skills, building healthy relationships, and managing conflict.

    Compassion Project (grades 2-4): This course is designed to help educators facilitate lessons around fundamental SEL skills for elementary students, focusing on the complex but critical skill of compassion.

    Honor Code: Bullying Prevention (grades 6-10): Honor Code takes a practical approach to bullying prevention by empowering students to create change, whether they’re engaging in bullying, on the receiving end of it, or witnessing it in their school.

    Healthier Me: Middle School (grades 5-8): In Healthier Me, students embark on fun wellness adventures to make healthy, informed decisions when it comes to nutrition.

    Healthier Me: Elementary School (grades 1-4): Students can form nutrition and fitness-related habits that will last a lifetime. Help them learn how to make healthy choices through this game-based course.

    Say Something: School Violence Prevention (grades 9-12): Digital character training to empower students to recognize the signs of violence in any form, and step up and say something when they do.

    AlcoholEDU (grades 9-12): Help students analyze peer pressure and advertising influences and examine the effects that alcohol has on their brain and body.