Federal/State Programs

    Nonpublic Support Services (NPSS)

    Scott Thorne, Supervisor


    • The Columbus City Schools (CCS) serves as the fiscal agent for federal and state funds provided to nonpublic schools.  Over 10 million dollars are allocated to 55 nonpublic schools and 6 neglected/delinquent facilities located in the Columbus area.
    • Federal & State funds received are for personnel, textbooks, materials and equipment that are on loan from CCS. 
    • Funds provided by the State of Ohio Department of Education serve over 9,000 central Ohio students in the nonpublic school sector during the school year.
    • The NPSS office is responsible for the approval and processing of purchase order requisitions for Title I, Title I-N and Auxiliary Services funds.  The NPSS office collaborates in the approval of purchase order requisitions for Titles II, III, and IV.
    • Over 2,500 purchase order requisitions and work order requests are processed through our office during each school year.  Each school’s requisitions must be reviewed and approved by the NPSS office according to the guidelines designed by the State of Ohio, Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Education.
    • The NPSS office has a total of 93 CCS employees assigned to 55 nonpublic and 6 neglected/delinquent institutions who are paid all or in part from federal and state funds. 
    • The NPSS supervisor oversees a total of 63 tutors, 1 auxiliary services supervisor, 1 auxiliary services clerk, 2 instructional support coaches, 10 psychologists, 13 nurses, 3 counselors, 1 full-time hourly coordinator, 1 full-time hourly program specialist, and 2 classified secretaries.
    • The NPSS office is responsible for maintaining up-to-date inventories for Auxiliary Services, Title I and Title I-N materials and equipment on loan to the nonpublic schools and neglected/delinquent sites.
    • The office designs and sponsors yearly Federal & State Education Program consultation and training on the NPDS ODE system.
    • The office monitors the processing and delivery of all NPSS Auxiliary, Title I and Title I-N materials and equipment distributed through the Hudson Distribution Center and through the CCS Direct Shipment of ordered items delivered to the nonpublic schools.
    • The office monitors third party consultant purchase orders providing psychological, speech pathology, counseling, tutoring, and nursing services to students attending nonpublic schools.
    • The office provides on-site assistance as needed to NPSS principals and NPSS staff for program implementation.
    • The NPSS office disseminates, collects and maintains all forms, documents and information required for CCS district compliance with state and federal funds for the nonpublic and neglected/delinquent sites.
    • The NPSS office disseminates, collects and completes all state and federal mandated program evaluations.
    • The NPSS office annually engages in financial and program audits or reviews from various state or federal agencies.