• Our school year is off to a terrific start! I wanted to inform you on two new Social Emotional Learning components of Indian Springs that have me very excited! The first component is the incorporation of the Zones of Regulation in each classroom. There are four Zones which are identified by color.

    Blue: Sad, sick, tired, bored, moving slowly, etc.
    Green: Happy, calm, feeling okay, focused, ready to learn, etc.
    Yellow: Frustrated, worried, silly/wiggly, excited, loss of some control, etc.
    Red: Mad/angry, terrified, yelling/hitting, elated, out of control, etc.

    The Zones are deigned to help students recognize when they are in the different zones as well as learn how to use strategies to change or stay in the zone they are in. Teachers have been supporting students through identifying which zone they connect with and if they want to move to another zone, what strategies might help. No Zone is a “bad” zone. If a student identifies as being in the Red or Yellow Zone they are supported in looking at the identified tools and selecting which tool(s) to try in order to move to a different Zone.

    The second SEL component that is new to Indian Springs is our Sensory Path. This was installed by our Occupational Therapist, Mrs. Rick, and is in the hall by rooms 6, 9, and 10. Students will have access to move through this scripted set of movements as one of their coping strategies for moving to a different Zone (as discussed above). Fritz loves the Sensory Path as well and will be helping students learn how to do the movements when I visit their classrooms this month. We plan to eventually have a second Sensory Path upstairs!

    We hope you can check out the Sensory Path during the Open House on September 26th

    Yours in Education,
    Mrs. Kay