OSU Webinar On Reshaping K-12 Education

  • Join Don Pope-Davis, dean of Ohio State University’s College of Education and Human Ecology, for a discussion with four faculty panelists about the impact of the pandemic on short- and long-term learning outcomes for students and recommendations for communities as we collectively reimagine the future of education in a post-surge society.

    Thurs, May 14, 12 noon – 1 p.m. The webinar is free but registration is required.


    Questions? Contact: Lauren Luffy at luffy.2@osu.edu

    The faculty panelists are:

    • Assistant Professor Theodore Chao: STEM education, access and equity.
    • Distinguished Professor Donna Ford: culturally responsive, multicultural and urban education.  
    • Distinguished Professor Laura Justice: emergent literacy development and acquisition in young children who exhibit developmental vulnerabilities.
    • Professor Antoinette Miranda: school psychology, special education, equity, and access.

Accessing CCS Technical Resources Remotely

  • Please see below, or linked here, for information on accessing CCS technical resources remotely.

    For any issues connecting to the District or using a District provided device, please call the Help Desk at 614-365-8425, Monday through Friday, 8 - 5 p.m.

Human Resources/Benefits

  • During this extended spring break, the HR department is still available to assist you. Please email HR@columbus.k12.oh.us and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate party.

    Please visit the CCS Benefits page, or see the PDF below or linked here, for important information regarding your benefits and additional resources available to help you and your family navigate through this trying time. For direct benefits-related questions, feel free to email benefitquestions@columbus.k12.oh.us directly.

Voicemail Remote Access

  • Dial your 10 digit CCS phone number from any phone.

    When you hear the mailbox pick up, enter * on your dial pad. (It will then ask you to enter your ID followed by #.)

    Enter your 5 digit extension (ID), followed by #. (It will then ask you to enter your PIN, followed by #.)

    Enter your PIN, followed by #.

    You should now be in your voicemail box and able to check messages.

Home Office Safety Checklist

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Note From The Treasurer's Office

  • The treasurer's office is operating, as we all are, from home as much as possible with limited staff working staggered shifts on site.  Some of our work requires staff to be present at CEC which poses a risk.  But we are prepared to process payroll as close to normal as we are able.  One process must be modified: payroll corrections.  I ask for your patience as we work through a more strict process for taking care of payroll corrections.  The following describes how we intend to handle corrections.
    • Please review your paycheck the Monday before each payday by logging in to ESS, selecting "PayTax Information", then for the current paycheck select "Details", then "View Check Image".  If you notice an issue with your pay, notify payroll as follows.
    • Requests for corrections along with supporting documentation should be emailed to barey@columbus.k12.oh.us.
    • Notifications (along with all required supporting documentation) of payroll corrections received by noon on payday (e.g. March 20, 2020) will be corrected that day (in this example, March 20, 2020) with a paper check being issued and mailed that same day (again, in this example, March 20, 2020).  
    • Corrections received after noon on payday (e.g. March 20, 2020) will be processed during the next payroll cycle.  
    • During this extraordinary period of time, in-person pickup of corrected paychecks will NOT be permitted - all checks so issued will be mailed.  
    Please note that processing corrections and issuing physical paychecks require certain staff members to be present in our offices at 270 E. State St.  We strive to minimize our in-person contact with one another and, therefore, ask for your patience while we work through this.  If you discover a minimal correction to your pay which could wait to be processed with your next paycheck, please let payroll know that when you report the correction.  Your help in minimizing the number of corrections is greatly appreciated.
    Keep in mind that any order from a government agency that would severely limit or prohibit us from leaving our homes and report to the office will impact our ability to process corrections as described.  In the event this happens, corrections reported to payroll will necessarily be carried forward to the next pay cycle.

Recovery Tools While Practicing Physical Distancing

  • Please see below or linked here for information on recovery tools while practicing physical distancing.


If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.