• Even though the school buildings are closed due to COVID-19, the I Know I Can staff is still available to help you. We know that this is a critical time for seniors pursuing a postsecondary education. While we may be working remotely, our support will continue.

    Instead of meeting at school, I will be contacting you through emails, phone calls and text messages. Please complete this form as soon as possible to provide your current contact information. If you have questions or concerns between our check-ins, please reach out to me directly.

    You can call or text me at 614-362-9218, or email me at staylor@iknowican.org.

     I also have a google form FOR SENIORS that can be filled out using this link: 
    ​I Know I Can is also collecting student information and all students can fill out that google form here:  this form
    There is also BIG news with the I Know I Can Grant. 

    NOW AVAILABLE – Electronic IKIC Grant Application:

    If you still need to submit your IKIC Grant Application, you can now complete the application and submit it electronically, along with the required documents.  The deadline for submission will not change – the deadline is March 27, 2020.  You will find the electronic application on our website by clicking here.  Before submitting the application, please save the application as: LAST NAME FIRST NAME IKIC Grant Application.  Applications and required documents should be emailed to staylor@iknowican.org


    I appreciate all of your help! 
    All my best,




    COVID-19 UPDATE:  Due to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control to contain the spread of COVID-19, all I Know I Can staff members will be working from remote locations beginning Monday, March 16th, and our physical office will remain closed until further notice.  For the most up to date information regarding I Know I Can services during this temporary office closure due to COVID-19, please visit our website at www.iknowican.org/COVID-19.  To sign up for text message updates regarding I Know I Can services during the COVID-19 outbreak click here.  If you are a high school senior, or the parent/guardian of a high school senior, please complete this form as soon as possible so we can remain in contact with you.