• Mr. Casale’s Instructions and Google Classroom Codes

    Hey all,

    For all students taking my American Government class, I will be posting assignments and materials daily on Google Classroom so please make sure that you are checking Google Classroom daily. 

    All of the assignments will be completed electronically but if you would like to write yours on paper, just take a picture of it and email it to me at ncasale@columbus.k12.oh.us and I will grade it that way. 

    If you have any questions please contact me via Google Classroom or email and I will get back to you promptly. Stay safe and stay engaged!

    Mr. Casale

     Google Classroom Codes:

     1st period: wmsnbud

     2nd period: dyowy26

     5th period: brmcb2d

     6th period: asmuvit

    7th period: 7vzfwwm