• Hi everyone,

    I hope you are all doing well.

    Let's keep each other motivated by sharing what we are doing and how we are continuing to learn.

    If you have pictures of your work, creative ways that you are continuing to learn or pics of yourself

    doing your schoolwork that you would like to share, please send them to:


  • Michael & Savannah

    Chilling while doing iReady & MobyMax

  • origami milk cartons origami cartons 2

    origami cartons3 finished product

    finished product 2

    Today we made origami milk cartons and decorated them.

    It only takes a few sheets of paper, a glue stick, some markers

    and your imagination.

    Here is the youtube link if you would like to make one too:)




  • Addilynn

    Addilynn did an at-home reading lesson with Mrs. Rieser

  • Addilynn

    addilynn & harley



    Addilynn & Harley are working hard and setting a great example:)

    Way to go!!!!

  • Lily's Bunny Art

    Ms. Michalak's class drew some Easter Bunnies from a

    Youtube how-to video


    Kilani Wilson