Serving as a Family Ambassador

  • The Family Ambassador position can be filled by a family member in the Columbus City School District OR a member of the community who will carry out the following roles and responsibilities.

    The Family Ambassador:

    (1) serves as a liaison between school and home, facilitating a partnership in support of student academic achievements.

    (2) coaches and mentors’ families on how to be engaged members of the academic team;

    (3) advises and trains families to address issues and to advocate on behalf of their child’s education.

    (4) connects families to community-based services, school counselor and/or social worker; (5) expands volunteer opportunities.

    (6) maintains open communication with families regarding important school information (i.e. email, family bulletin board, newsletter, etc.).

    (7) maintains a family resource center (where applicable).

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Last Modified on August 5, 2020