• Safe Schools Working Group

Community Survey

  • CCS Community, there is still time to submit your feedback on the district’s current safety and school climate efforts. The information we receive from the community will help inform the Safe Schools Working Group, which will present a recommendation to the Board of Education this fall. Click here to take the survey, with multiple language options available. Or watch the first Safe Schools Community Session from September 2. Your feedback is important as we reimagine what safety looks like in the 21st century.

Virtual Community Sessions

  • September 2 Session

  • September 8 Session

Safe Schools Working Group

  • In June 2020, the Columbus Board of Education announced the formation of a Safe Schools Working Group to evaluate the safety and security program in Columbus City Schools, including the District’s relationship with the Columbus Police Department.

    The working group will include a broad range of stakeholders, including students, families, staff, district partners, and community members. The group will be asked to make recommendations to the Board of Education and the Superintendent regarding the District’s full safety and security program moving forward. The Board of Education officially seated the working group at its meeting on June 30.

    The Board of Education allowed the District’s current two-year contract with the Columbus Police Department to expire on June 30, 2020. The contract had provided for 19 School Resource Officers (SROs) to be stationed in CCS high school buildings.

    Click here to view the Board's discussion on June 30 regarding the Safe Schools Working Group.

    District Facilitators

    Cheryl Ward
    Chris Ward
    James Barnes

    Working Group Co-Chairs

    Charleta Taveras
    Kimberley Mason

    Working Group Members

    Aimee Troyer, Parent/Guardian
    Amna A. Akbar, Community Member
    Austin Owens, Community Member
    Brooke Burns, Parent/Guardian
    Brya Coleman, Community Member
    Bryan Welcome, CCS Classified Staff
    Caden Burston, CCS Student
    Carissa Izzo, Parent/Guardian
    Chanie Scott, Parent/Guardian
    Demitri Johnson, Community Member
    Ekundayo Igeleke, Community Member
    Emily Buster, Parent/Guardian
    Erin Upchurch, Community Member
    Fran Frazier, Community Member
    James Wilson, CCS Administrator
    Jeanette Johnson, CEA Representative
    Jason Johnson, CCS Administrator
    Jermaine Kennedy, Community Member
    Jimmie Beal, Community Member
    John Price, Community Member
    Joseph Decker, CEA Representative
    Julia Handelman, Community Member
    Kelly Montgomery, Parent/Guardian
    Kimberly Mills, CCS Administrator
    Larry Howell, Community Member
    Lisa Johnson, CEA Representative
    Maria Angel, Community Member
    Maryam Muhammad, CCS Student
    Megan Hinz, CEA Representative
    Mercy Ayegbusi, CCS Student
    Rahma Abhullahi, Community Member
    Robyn Whalen, Parent/Guardian
    Ryan McGuire, Parent/Guardian
    Samual Lee Granget, CCS Student
    Sandra Lopez, Community Member
    Sean Powers, Community Member
    Shayanna Hinkle-Moore, Community Member
    Theresa Vanderburg-Watts, CCS Classified Staff
    Valancia Turner, Community Member

Meeting Dates

  • The Safe Schools Working Group recently hosted two Virtual Community Sessions. See the dropdown tabs to the left to watch them in their entirety.

    Click here to read the Board's previously announced timeline regarding the group.