• Woodward Park Middle School

    Dress Code Overview

    General Clothing Guidelines:

    ● Clothing should be neat and clean

    ● Not too big (e.g. baggy jeans, t-shirts)

    ● Not too small or tight (e.g. form-fitting pants, skirts, shorts, blouses, leggings)

    ● No visible underwear – tops or bottoms, including bra straps, underwear and waist bands

    ● No sheer or see-through clothing

    ● No low-cut cleavage-revealing tops

    ● No bare midriffs

    ● Shoulders must be covered - shirt should come to the end of the shoulder

    ● Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be mid-thigh or longer and hemmed (below the finger tips when arms are at their side)

    ● No oversized belts

    ● No print--words and/or images—on pant seat area

    ● No gang-related apparel

    ● No pajamas


    · No hats & head coverings unless for religious reasons

    ● No hoods allowed over heads at any time


    ● Proper shoes must be worn at all times

    ● No flip-flops, house slippers, or beach shoes

    “When in doubt, dress for your success.”