Hamilton's schoolwide expectations are put in place to provide guidelines of the way we conduct ourselves throughout the school building. With these positive behaviors in place...WE WILL ALL S.O.A.R.


  • Be Safe

    Be On time

    Be Accountable

    Be Respectful

  • Student of the Month and S.O.A.R. Celebrations

    Here at Hamilton, we value the effort and hard work of our students with both remote learning and in person learning. Our teachers recognize students who exhibit S.O.A.R. expectations and demonstrate great citizenship. Each teacher will select one "Student of the Month" to be recognized and the chosen student will receive a prize at school! Some students MAY be chosen more than one time during the school year based on their dedication to learning and adhering to the schoolwide expectations. 

    Our Positive Behahvioral Intervention and Supports Team (PBIS) will work in collaboration with teachers to deisgnate a monthly "S.O.A.R. Celebration" to particiate in. The students that are invited to participate in the S.O.A.R. celebration have done their part for that month to meet and/or exceed the S.O.A.R. expectations for school. There is no limit to the number of times a student may be invited to a mothly S.O.A.R. celebrarion! We like to make a BIG DEAL about the great attitudes and positive choices students are making to promote the best schoolwide climate possible!