• Prom 2019--May 10 at The Boat House

    Tickets on Sale Now!

    Criteria to Attend Prom

    You must meet the following criteria in order to purchase a ticket to the prom or attend prom as a guest: If you do not meet these criteria, you will not be permitted to attend the prom.

    • 120 internship hours must be completed and documented by Mr. Bell
    • All courses needed for graduation in VCAP must be complete by April 30
    • You must pass one or more quarters of a year-long class required for graduation AND, if only passing one quarter, you must have a passing interim grade of “C” or higher on the 4th quarter interim report
    • You must have passed 3rd quarter of a semester course required for graduation or have a “C” or higher on the 4th quarter interim report
    • You must have already met one of the College/Career Readiness Graduation Pathways or have met one of two items for Additional Path 1.

    Prom tickets go on sale April 15th.  In order to buy a ticket on April 15th, you must meet the above criteria.  Last day to purchase a prom ticket is May 3rd.  No exceptions.

    All prom guests who do not attend  Northland High School must complete a guest registration form available April 15th in the Main Office.

    If you have any questions, please see Mr. Watson or Mrs. Howell

    Schedule an appointment with the Fairy Godmothers for a prom dress.