• Directions: Please watch the first 5:23 of the video, and utilize the video as a guide to answer each of the following questions. Please utilize complete sentences, and type your answers under each question. Please email your completed assignment to asewell1@columbus.k12.oh.us by Friday April 3, 2020. Also utilize that same email address to ask me any questions related to your assignment. I will respond as fast as possible.



     1. What is a metronome?

     2. How many beats does the sound last in a quarter note?

     3. How is the half note different from the quarter note?

     4. What is the name of the symbol that looks like a hat and is silent?

     5. How many beats does a whole note have?

     6. Which note is held out the longest between a quarter note, half note, and whole note?

     7. How is the eighth note different from the quarter note?

     8. If you add up 4 sixteenth notes, what kind of note would it equal to?

    9. How is the sixteenth note different than the eighth note?

    10. In the video, what instrument is being used to demonstrate the notes?

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