• For the remainder of the time we are out of class, please use the Edmentum application and not Google Classroom for your assignments. Edmentum will have seven different units for you to complete starting with the “Cold War,” which we were finishing before the epidemic. To access Edmentum, you need to go to clever.com then click the Edmentum application, which symbol is an “E” (Do not click Achieve 3000).

    For these assignments, they will begin by giving you a tutorial. The tutorial will read to you and show you some pictures to assist you. In the tutorial, it will have mini assignments to complete, including written responses. Make sure you complete all sections of the tutorial because they are worth points. At the end of each unit, there will be a written response. Do not just type one letter into the box and move on because those activities are worth a considerable amount of points. Then after each unit, it will have a mastery test. The mastery test will be simple if you complete the tutorial correctly.

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