• To our FABULOUS Briggs Teachers - you are amazing and we appreciate you! ~Dr. Milligan~
    I just want to say Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of our teachers!!!  I appreciate each and every one of you and am thankful that you are always willing to work with me when something needs to get done!!  I am so thankful to work with such a supportive group of teachers whom I can also call friends😊 Nurse Jenny
    I wanted to shout out Mrs. Keeton.  She jumped into her first year of teaching with an extraordinary amount of energy. She does so well at relating with her students, keeping a level head, and putting forth great lesson plans.  This is a major accomplishment for any teacher, but especially a first year teacher. Mr. Ryder
    Shout out to Mrs. Sowell amd Mr. Rice for all the hard work they put into their jobs working with the kids one-one-one and making a difference in their lives.  Mr. Sharfenaker
    Shout out to Julie Russell.  She has done an awesome job since joining the Briggs Staff and has had a tremendous impact on her students improvement.  She had made a difference.  Proud of you Julie  - Mr Sharfenaker
    I would like to shout-out Mrs. Tose for always going the extra mile, and essentially being on every Zoom call! Mr. Whitfield
    I wanted to shout out Kelly Susi, Candace Miller, Julianne Blackston, and Sheila Taylor. Each of these ladies have been available for all of my random questions and provided me with wisdom that they did not have to. I am grateful.  Ms. Scruggs
    My Shoutout is for Julie Russell, Intervention Specialist.  Julie is amazing tutor and teacher. She relates to the students and they want to work with her. This quarter one her students made Honor Roll for this first time in his academic history...A Miracle. Julie is such an asset to Briggs High School.
    Another Shoutout..Nicole Chavers, Transition Coordinator, does an amazing job and often catches things I missed and makes me a better Intervention Specialist.
    3rd Shoutout: A Big Thank You to all the teachers that the tutored students have...for working with me and Ms. Russell...making Flex Assignments, modifing assignmentsWalking them through writing essay, Zoom meetings and going that extra mile..Barbara Greene
    I appreciate Joe Coplan because he cares about his students much more than he cares about his physical appearance.  Mr. Newell
    Shout out to Mr. Rohda for being a great teacher to teach with and a great friend!!! Mr. Saunders
    Shout out to Leslie Scott for being the most helpful Department Chair ever! She's going above and beyond during these confusing times. 
    Amanda Keeton for her cheerful willingness to show the old timers, like me, how to do something more efficiently and for maintaining her first year teacher enthusiasm even while in quarantine.  Ms. W. Robinson
    Shout out to Mr. Kokenz for always being ready and willing to accommodate students needs in his classroom, he has been a great team player. Mr. Emberger
    Shout out to Ms. Leslie Scott for leading the English Dept. as a phenomenal department chair and teacher leader who's constantly expanding her learning and scope of resources to help reach more students more deeply AND collaborate with grace and humility in working with her teams. Ms. Scott you rock!  Mr. Kuijper
    Shout out to Ms. Tomasone for grabbing the bull by the horns and working intentionally with new tech / new apps such as Remind so that her students are engaged! Outstanding leadership by example -- jumping in head-first, not waiting for an 'expert' or anyone but just getting right into the thick of it. LOVE it!!  Mr. Kuijper
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