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    I will be using google classroom to post assignments for my students/families.  

    English - class code: r5smwlg

    Social Studies - class code: dxe24ya

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    TREGO: https://sites.google.com/columbus.k12.oh.us/rolling-panthers/home


    Updated 4/27

    Contact me if you have questions.
    sdavenport5787@columbus.k12.oh.us. *** Preferred
    Teaching Hours: Monday-Friday 9am – 3pm
    Telephone: (614) 981-2303 (Monday-Friday 9am – 3pm)
    (Phone may be turned off during virtual meetings, conferences, etc)

    Updated 3/26

    1. Check Infinite Campus email daily for instructions.

    2. Daily Math assignments are on google classroom.

        Class code: emopar2.





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    Link to Work / Downstairs Students and Parents/Guardians:

    Hello Students and Families. 

    These are your last 6th grade math and social studies assignments of the school year.  They begin tomorrow, Friday, May 15th and must be completed by Friday, May 22nd.  

     ALL MISSING WORK AND ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE BY NEXT FRIDAY, MAY 22nd...WORK HARD and FAST!!!  Please check Infinite Campus for any missing assignments.

     I-Ready Math:  "Polygons in the Coordinate Plane" 

    Study Island Social Studies:  "Human Environment Interaction" (this is only for my 2nd period math class) 

    Thanks, Mr. McKee


    *MATH:  I-Ready "Numerical Expressions and Order of Operations" AND 20 ALEKS LEARNED TOPICS 

    *SOCIAL STUDIES:  Study Island "Places and Regions" 

    Take care and stay safe!

    Mr. McKee


    Hello Students and Families. 

    Here are the NEW ASSIGNMENTS for May 3rd - May 10th... 

    Math on I-Ready:  "Understand Absolute Value" and  20 ALEKS Learned Topics 

    Social Studies on Study Island:  "Map Skills" 

    Work Hard, Mr. McKee.



             *I-Ready Math Assignment "Understand Integers"

    • *Do 20 topics on ALEKS

     Social Studies:

    • *Edulastic - Grade 6 Economics Quiz

     Thanks and stay safe!

    Mr. McKee

    4/19/2020 -

    McKee's Assignments for Sunday, April 19th through Sunday, April 26th  Reminders to families...

    *All assignments are posted on the CCS website as well as our school website.

    *My Zoom Classroom meetings are on Wednesdays by class periods; times will never change week to week...

    Period 1 - 1:00pm          Period 2 - 1:30pm          Period 5 - 2:00pm

    *My Zoom Office Session is on Fridays from 1-1:30pm.

    *I will continue to send out login information the day prior to these meetings.


    TWO MATH ASSIGNMENTS on I-Ready (through Clever)

    *Understand Ratio Concepts

    *Equivalent Ratios


    ONE SOCIAL STUDIES ASSIGNMENT on Study Island (through Clever)

    *Economic Choices




    *All assignments go LIVE on Sunday, April 5th and are due Sunday, April 12th.  All assignments will now be from Sunday to Sunday.

    **In order to access I-Ready, your student will go to Clever using their normal Google login information and then click on the I-Ready (cube shape) for math and click on the Study Island (palm trees) for my social studies students.


    Math Assignments 4/5-4/12

    * I-Ready:  Prime Numbers Lesson
    ** I-Ready:  Order Positive and Negative Numbers


    Social Studies Assignment 4/5-4/12

    *Edmentum Study Island:  Market Forces Lesson


    P.S.  Don't forget that we will have our next Zoom Classroom next Wednesday, April 8th.  Take care.



    I have posted a PDF with 3 weeks of suggested activities for all subject areas in a new Google Classroom.  I sent it to the entire inclusion class, even the Gen Ed kids.  I told their parents this would keep them busy because as we all know, a busy 6th grader is better than a bored one 😉

    The code is fwt6hup.

    Wood ELearning PDF

    Week of April 6